Transmission Entertainment & Events: the history of its creation until today ...

The roots of this organization began in Namur in 1994 under the leadership of Ethel Olivier, Eric Jugnot and David Vander Maelen under the original name of "Transmission" A.S.B.L.


This last one, who was the initiator of this association, had made the decision to abandon his lifestyle, to leave his friends, family, and his country to go and live a nomadic life with ease in the south of France. Chance led him to Avignon, at the very moment of the famous Avignon Street Theater Festival.’ This is how he discovered a new passion and a new means of survival allowing him to travel for several years, from spring to autumn, from place to place, from village to village and from festival to festival as a Street artist.


During this first year he became acquainted with members of the "Spiral Tribe". A group represented by hundreds of English people fleeing their country following government crackdowns. They regrouped and were joined by many "travelers" in southern Europe (France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal) thus founding communities, living in converted vans and trucks, and bringing with them lots of Sound Systems. During the winter months, many of them left for Asian countries: India, Thailand, Nepal, to return to Europe at the end of the winter, taking with them many fabrics, jewelry, various goods, handicraft, a source of income that they sold during local festivals and markets. The Spiral Tribe are the initiators of Teknivals. It was also following these encounters that David came to know Buddhism, and more specifically Tibetan Buddhism.


During these stays in Belgium, he continued to live from the street arts and that is how he got to know Sébastien Scheppers and Nunzio Maugeri. Together they took Djembe lessons, with a pupil of Mamadi Keita and then with Emilien Sanou. David and Nunzio perfected themselves in percussion, Sébastien in juggling. The contracts, under the name of "Transmission Vibes" and benefits followed one another, such that at one time they had to find replacements to fill the increasingly busy schedule. Then came the idea of ​​creating an association bringing together a diversity of artists.


The logical consequence was that Transmission ASBL organized its first events. At the time, the Hip-Hop scene in Belgium was already highly active and particularly in Namur with the 'Namur Break Sensation' (NBS), a group of B-Boys from the region which won several national and international competitions and were officially appointed as Belgian Ambassador of Breakdance abroad.


A link was created between Transmission and NBS. In addition to Street Arts activities Transmission organized as a co-organizer more events in Hip-Hop Culture; parties, national Breakdance competitions, national Deejay’ing competitions, concerts, workshops, and Graffiti exhibitions. Following the many achievements together a merger of the two associations became exposed under the name of "NBS Transmission". The ‘NBS Breakers ’were also a member of the Zulu Nation and introduced David to this international organization. David became a member and very quickly an activist member of this organization, which allowed him to travel a good ten times to New York to participate in the "Annual Hip-Hop Anniversary" and "Annual Universal Zulu Nation Anniversary". It was during this period that he discovered the Free Tibet Festival, a festival organized by the Milarepa Found (founded by members of the Beasty Boys) and which aimed to redistribute the profits from their festivals for the welfare of the Tibetan community. This is how David also became an activist for Tibet.


In the meantime, the association's Pressbook ’was filling up with Flyers of organized activities, as well as several newspaper articles, radio and television interviews.

As a result of a move and personal constraints, David took a step back in the association which led to its end.


In 2013, David accepted the motivation to relaunch Transmission, somehow by changing the name in Transmission Entertainment and organized several editions of 'The Happening Events - Back Yard Party', which ended with remarkable success with an edition of Dream On who was able to persuade Picaya (resident Dj at Burning Man festival) to come and play as 'Special Guest'. Following the pandemic and the various lockdowns, the decision to end the "Back Yard Party" was taken but other projects under "The Happening" are underway.


Since 2019 the organization officially changed its name to Transmission Entertainment & Events which created a 'sub-sector' under the name of 'Hiking 4 Children'. Although Transmission Entertainment & Events, as the name suggests, has as its main goal the creation of events and offering diverse services. Its sub-sector aims to give help to underprivileged children by helping recognized associations in the Ostend region but also to be a support for the Tibetan Cultural Center - Belgium.